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U-Me [Permanently Closed]

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3355 Edison Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025

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(650) 257-7511
9 am – 5 pm (Mon – Thu)
9 am – 6 pm (Friday)
10 am – 4 pm (Sat & Sun)
$25 per Child (free for Adults)
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DESCRIPTION FOR U-Me [Permanently Closed]

Notice: After 6 years of running, U-Me is now permanently closed as of May 2016.

If your kids aren't already going to a care facility or play space, U-Me is a good option to have when you want kids to have a freedom-enhancing mixture of open play time and scheduled activities. It's also freeing to know that different ages have their own areas. There's a crawler space for the mobile babies, sports and crafts and a trampoline for the older kids, and a cafeteria with healthy snack options for everyone. The day pass admission price also means that you can bring the kids, go out for lunch, and come back to finish out the day with more fun and activities.
Parents love...

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TIPS FOR VISITING U-Me [Permanently Closed]

1. Closing days: New Year's Eve and Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.

2. Discounts are 10% off for a 5-pack that never expires.

3. Cafe offers food with free wireless access – brown-bagging isn't allowed unless there are specific allergies.

4. Parenting Classes include favorites like Love and Logic, Positive Discipline with Susi Steiner of Stanford University's after-care program, Sleep Discipline with nurse Vivian Sonnenberg, and Kids and Nutrition by child psychologist Deanne Reynolds.

5. French Immersion Preschool Classes are held on weekdays (Monday through Friday) between 9 am and 1 pm. Discover takes 2 days per week, Explore takes 3 days per week, and Acquire is Monday through Friday. Lunch needs to be provided by the parents, and an...

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BIRTHDAY PARTY AT U-Me [Permanently Closed]

Party Time at U-Me

Telephone: (650) 257-7511

Time: Two hours on Saturday or Sunday (11 am – 1 pm, 2 – 4 pm, or 4:30 – 6:30 pm)

Party price: $450 - $1,200+

Included: All-Day Pass, Staff-led Simple Games, Party Room and Open Play Time, Heavy-Duty Tableware (Plates, Cups, Napkins, Colorful Tablecloths, Utensils)

Themes: Dinosaurs in Space, Flower Fairy of the Garden, Jedi Training Camp, Mad Hatter Tea Party, Super Heroes

Membership: 10% off Birthday Parties

Website Link: www.u-meplace.com/birthdays

Bring Your Own: Cake or Cupcakes, Cold Drinks, and Goodie Bags

All of the entertainment is provided at a U Me party, regardless of whether you choose the Basic or the Ultimate Party. Not only are staff members dedicated to helping with the arrangements and tear down...

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REVIEWS FOR U-Me [Permanently Closed]

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Hop N Play

1150 El Camino Real
San Bruno, CA 94066

One of the great advantages to Hop N Play is the all-day admission ticket that allows you and the kids to play, go shopping and eat at the Food Court, and come back until closing time. Even when there are private birthday parties going on, Hop N Play allows open play sessions to run concurrently, which is unlike some of the child entertainment centers. There are slides, there is an entire room dedicated to balloons, and a bouncy room to get out the wiggles. Smaller children may want to become toy train operators for a while, build Lego houses, or make obstacle courses out of blocks for the small toy cars. If you've ever had to get the disappointed look from the kids when telling them not to hang on things, or not jump on the bed, you can let them go wild here. There are floaty balls made to sustain a child's weight, so that they can get arm exercise by hanging on while the ball goes around in a circle. There's a water bed where they are allowed to jump. Maybe the jelly bean carousel is a far cry from an old-fashioned merry-go-round, but it can certainly help the kids to operate their imaginations. The teeter-totter, enlarged hamster wheel, and climbing area all move as the kids move, which adds a little welcome bit of scare factor for those who want just a bit of thrill. One of the disadvantages is the lack of a bathroom inside the actual Hop N Play facility, although there is a family bathroom complete with changing table, outside and down one hall. With proper trip planning, this shouldn't be too much of an issue – but bringing a diaper bag stocked with plenty of wipes would probably help for unforseen accidents. Reviewers have also mentioned that older children can sometimes push around the younger ones, so it's good to keep an eye out for your kids while having some much-needed chat time with other parents.

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Peekadoodle Kids Club

900 North Point St. F100
San Francisco, CA 94109

Peekadoodle is a mix between a childcare center, a playdate, and the Exploratorium. The location can't be beat, since it's near Fishermans' Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge. The provided snacks reflects the area, from smoked salmon and capers to a full-out pizza party, and there's a model of the Golden Gate Bridge inside. The store fronts, dress-up areas, and slide are kept clean, along with the full-scale San Francisco cable car. Parents can even wait in comfort, on a suede bench. Since the owners are two moms who wanted to have an educational facility where their kids could have fun (and they could focus on personal development and/or work), there are actual classes to be had: art, cooking, Legos, self-defense, Music and Movement, etc. The Prep drop-off program normally lasts for 3 hours, though extended Prep is an option. The Academy is for toddlers aged 2 and ½ to 5 years old can be part-day or full day, and requires an application plus initial non-refundable fee ($75). They can also enroll in a week-long Kidscamp. The Clubhouse is for fun and horsing around. Class sizes are kept to a reasonable 12:2 ratio spread over 7 classrooms, and enrollment stops at 100 kids. Even the goodie bags reflect responsibility, since they include hand sanitizer. Personal responsibility for the adults must be exercised, as alcohol is allowed on-site. Parents may want to investigate discounts, especially if they want to sign up for Summer Kidscamp or date night drop-offs. Also, since many parents and mompreneurs may be the networking types, it's worth considering having a Peekadoodle-endorsed family photo shoot done by Niall David, or investigating the nearby Tutu School on Bay Street.

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Pump It Up

1309 Elmer St.
Belmont, CA 94002

Pump It Up is definitely geared toward private parties and birthdays, but that doesn't mean that open jump sessions can be any less fun. How could they be, with so many things to do? If you're not into air hockey, there are lots of ways to discover your leg muscles on the bouncers. If you'd rather slide than climb rocks, there are small slides and big slides. Imagination blocks can serve as a faux Legoland experience, and the Octagon is a challenge for everyone. If group activities are your thing, check out the soccer and basketball zones. Just remember to bring your socks along with the kids. What's really great is that there are separate rooms with different activity zones, so that movement is restricted but everyone gets a turn. Since it's nearly impossible to jump for more than an hour without getting sweaty, workout clothing is recommended. Also, since it's nearly impossible for children and adults to be around inflatable structures without things happening, everyone has to watch a safety video before their session. Make sure you get in at least 20 minutes early, to allow enough time for parking, checking in (and signing the safety waiver), and watching the video. Any delays means that you don't get to bounce as much, and staff members have to keep to the schedule. If you come once with the kids and then decide to host an adult party at 7 pm – that can be accomodated. Adults will be pleased to know that their belongings will not be left out in an open cubbyhole, like a pair of shoes. No, your belongings get taken from one room to the next in a pushcart, although after 40 minutes of running around bouncy houses, you might need a pushcart yourself. Warning: adults may get caught up in the spirit of the thing, and start yelling show tunes while thumping down the slides. It has been known to happen.

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Hiller Aviation Museum

601 Skyway Rd.
San Carlos, CA 94070

Planes, trains, and automobiles are some of the most fascinating things that kids can see, and Hiller Aviation provides plenty to see and do. While most of the exhibits center around planes, their history, and their photos, there are also special exhibits on model railroads and a weekly Gourmet Food Truck visit. Since the Museum is located at the San Carlos airport, the kids can see modern planes zooming in and out, while they investigate the cockpits and controls of the vintage models and prototypes. With forty exhibits and interactive displays, this is a great way to get your kids interested in the power of featherless flight. Don't forget the Atrium with the airplane models, which are kid-sized and fascinating for a whole host of reasons. You can point out the history of the Kitty Hawk flight with the Wright Brothers' older model, the San Francisco all-metal Argonaut of 1928, the Grumman Albatross that flew around the world, and the collapsible XROE Rotorcycle. There's also a restoration shop where planes are constantly being tinkered with. If you're able to drop by on the weekends before 2 pm, wait in line for the popular Flight Simulator and get the feel of swooping in and out of the clouds. If you can find it, there's even a small theatre with 35 seats. Some of the special events are especially kid-friendly, like the Easter Bunny that shows up in a helicopter. While the kids are waiting for Bunny's arrival or the coming of the New Year, there are bouncy houses to explore and face painting to be done, and occasional magic shows. If you sign up for membership, there are discounts on the planetarium Sky Show that explains constellations used for navigation, live bird shows, or various Merit Badge days. This is a perfect place to bring home-schooled kids or Civil Air Patrol cadets on discounted group rates. The museum is small, so the space is packed with exhibits. Even the parking lot has half of a 747 jet on display, which can be played with until the Simulator is ready. Just be prepared when you enter the gift shop, because the kids will be clamoring for Playmobil sets, model airplanes, and kites – or even the teddy bears with aviator glasses.

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Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo

1451 Middlefield Rd.
Palo Alto, CA 94301

There are a number of options for museums, zoos, and even an open-air Safari within the San Francisco surrounding area, but nearly none of the available animal exhibits is as low-cost as the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo. Though a $5 donation is requested, it's not required, so you're free to do what you like – and so are the kids. Much of the draw comes down to the animals. The kids may go quickly through the Green Energy machines on wind and solar power, and the Buzzzz beauty of bugs – unless the kids opt for dress-up and crawling around on the web like spiders. There is also an observational beehive, along with an aviary for birds. The fish tanks, snakes, and turtles can make the kids slow down and start to really investigate, especially if Edward the African spurred tortoise decides to ease his way out of his big shell, or go on a stately walk around the grounds with a keeper. Ducks and geese can be found and fed in a pond, Batman fans will appreciate the African Bat Cave, and there are two very personable bobcats who are usually quite happy to be viewed. If you haven't made the drive time to visit the Sequoia National Forest near Springville, the kids will like to see the magic 'redwood tree' and creek with waterfalls that's home base for two curious raccoons. Sometimes, critters are brought out for show and tell by the staff, though not the tarantula or the black widow spiders. Smaller children and babies may appreciate the gated area with toys and books, though not as much as the parents, who also have access to a bench. If the kids get rowdy, they can burn off some energy in the open grassy area outside of the museum, and zoom around the outside playground.

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