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Small Talk Family Cafe

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1536 Newell Avenue
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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(925) 954-7468
9 am – 3 pm (Mon)
9 am – 6 pm (Tue – Fri)
Weekends vary based on private events (check website or Facebook)
$10 for crawling age and up
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DESCRIPTION FOR Small Talk Family Cafe

Small Talk Family Cafe describes itself as your living room, that you don't have to clean up. The cafe tables and chairs are dispersed through out the 1300 square foot play area. In this way you are able to enjoy your drink or snack and keep an eye on your kiddo at the same time. They have some rules about not letting your child eat and play at the same time, so don't let your children sneak away with food hidden in their pockets. This is in the toys, I mean childs, best interest as it keeps the toys clean. (Probably this would help keep our living rooms clean, too.)

Admission to the play area is $10 per child and grants access to hundreds of...

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TIPS FOR VISITING Small Talk Family Cafe

1. They are busiest between 10 am and 12 pm – so come in the morning or afternoon.  

2. If you get a pass from the cafe you can park in the 1 hour parking spots for as long as you are in the cafe. 

3. Friday nights during the summer offer special activities such as ice cream night or date night. Check the calendar for more information.

BIRTHDAY PARTY AT Small Talk Family Cafe

Telephone: (925) 954-7468


Time: 2-3 Hours, all day on weekends or weekday evenings.

Party price: $99 for 10 kids on weekday, $339+ for 20 kids on the weekend. 

Included: Entire facility to yourself, coffee and soda for adults, kid drinks, paper party supplies, cutlery.

Themes: Over 16 different themes, including trains, superheros, ballerina, or princesses. 

Website Link:

Customizable: Yes

Bring Your Own: Present for the birthday kid, birthday cake, 

Small Talk Family Cafe offers a variety of customizable birthday parties that make their play space even more appealing to your celebrating child and his friends. With over 16 themes to choose from (including Dinosaurs, Superheros, Zoo Safari, Mermaids, Butterflies, and more) you are sure to find something that your child will remember for...

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U-Me [Permanently Closed]

3355 Edison Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Notice: After 6 years of running, U-Me is now permanently closed as of May 2016. If your kids aren't already going to a care facility or play space, U-Me is a good option to have when you want kids to have a freedom-enhancing mixture of open play time and scheduled activities. It's also freeing to know that different ages have their own areas. There's a crawler space for the mobile babies, sports and crafts and a trampoline for the older kids, and a cafeteria with healthy snack options for everyone. The day pass admission price also means that you can bring the kids, go out for lunch, and come back to finish out the day with more fun and activities. Parents love the fact that additional features get introduced from year to year, such as the slide and the foam pit, and new toys and classes so that kids and parents stay intrigued. The outdoor playspace was introduced within the last few years, with these great features: dollhouse with a doorbell, sand tables, water table, theatre stage, outdoor camping area. Many parents have also commented on the cleanliness of the facility, the fact that drop-in times can include all day, and that adults are allowed in for free. None of these three conveniences are common features at most kids' gyms. Also, although at least one parent or caretaker needs to stay with the kids, there's free WiFi. Bring your iPhone or laptop to the adult seating areas, and multitasking can happen. While membership does save money, there's no need to become a member to enjoy the classes and activities: flag-painting, kids' Olympics, puppet stories, creative dance, worldwide culture appreciation, martial arts, etc. Parents can become a member just to get some breathing space during the week, or drop by on weekends. Even the highest membership level barely costs more per month than the average adult gym in Palo Alto, somewhere between the YMCA on Mill Road and Form Fitness.

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Hop N Play

1150 El Camino Real
San Bruno, CA 94066

One of the great advantages to Hop N Play is the all-day admission ticket that allows you and the kids to play, go shopping and eat at the Food Court, and come back until closing time. Even when there are private birthday parties going on, Hop N Play allows open play sessions to run concurrently, which is unlike some of the child entertainment centers. There are slides, there is an entire room dedicated to balloons, and a bouncy room to get out the wiggles. Smaller children may want to become toy train operators for a while, build Lego houses, or make obstacle courses out of blocks for the small toy cars. If you've ever had to get the disappointed look from the kids when telling them not to hang on things, or not jump on the bed, you can let them go wild here. There are floaty balls made to sustain a child's weight, so that they can get arm exercise by hanging on while the ball goes around in a circle. There's a water bed where they are allowed to jump. Maybe the jelly bean carousel is a far cry from an old-fashioned merry-go-round, but it can certainly help the kids to operate their imaginations. The teeter-totter, enlarged hamster wheel, and climbing area all move as the kids move, which adds a little welcome bit of scare factor for those who want just a bit of thrill. One of the disadvantages is the lack of a bathroom inside the actual Hop N Play facility, although there is a family bathroom complete with changing table, outside and down one hall. With proper trip planning, this shouldn't be too much of an issue – but bringing a diaper bag stocked with plenty of wipes would probably help for unforseen accidents. Reviewers have also mentioned that older children can sometimes push around the younger ones, so it's good to keep an eye out for your kids while having some much-needed chat time with other parents.

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Peekadoodle Kids Club

900 North Point St. F100
San Francisco, CA 94109

Peekadoodle is a mix between a childcare center, a playdate, and the Exploratorium. The location can't be beat, since it's near Fishermans' Wharf and the Golden Gate Bridge. The provided snacks reflects the area, from smoked salmon and capers to a full-out pizza party, and there's a model of the Golden Gate Bridge inside. The store fronts, dress-up areas, and slide are kept clean, along with the full-scale San Francisco cable car. Parents can even wait in comfort, on a suede bench. Since the owners are two moms who wanted to have an educational facility where their kids could have fun (and they could focus on personal development and/or work), there are actual classes to be had: art, cooking, Legos, self-defense, Music and Movement, etc. The Prep drop-off program normally lasts for 3 hours, though extended Prep is an option. The Academy is for toddlers aged 2 and ½ to 5 years old can be part-day or full day, and requires an application plus initial non-refundable fee ($75). They can also enroll in a week-long Kidscamp. The Clubhouse is for fun and horsing around. Class sizes are kept to a reasonable 12:2 ratio spread over 7 classrooms, and enrollment stops at 100 kids. Even the goodie bags reflect responsibility, since they include hand sanitizer. Personal responsibility for the adults must be exercised, as alcohol is allowed on-site. Parents may want to investigate discounts, especially if they want to sign up for Summer Kidscamp or date night drop-offs. Also, since many parents and mompreneurs may be the networking types, it's worth considering having a Peekadoodle-endorsed family photo shoot done by Niall David, or investigating the nearby Tutu School on Bay Street.

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Lindsay Wildlife Experience

1931 1st Ave.
Walnut Creek, CA 94597

Kids can learn anything animal-related here: nesting patterns of birds, how to do animal surgery, the experience of flight. Being able to view an operating room that restores damaged animals is a training ground in itself, but the more technologically-minded may have more fun with the flight simulator that lets their imagination soar with electronic wings. If the kids have been begging for a pet but don't know what's involved in caring for a rabbit or guinea pig, don't miss the Petting Circle and the feeding demonstrations. Once they master those techniques, kids might also want to know what it would be like to spend every day with animals – they should stick around until after 3 pm for Meet an Animal Keeper. The live birds of prey hands-on station is one of the most intriguing, but the handlers do allow for a closer look at other animals during the day. The Hive Alive exhibit would be the exception, but it'll probably be as close as you can get to a group of working honeybees without getting stung. The beekeeper equipment willl also show the honey can get 'farmed' while minimizing the risk of damage. The best and newest exhibit that's non-live is The Burrow, complete with animal models and puppets that show the importance of tunnels, and separation for the living space and bathrooms in the animal kingdom. If the toddlers get restless, there are animal exhibits and puzzles in the playroom, or you can take them to nearby Larkey Park. Lindsay Wildlife does help a range of animals to be patched up and re-released, from bats to raccoons to squirrels. However, some of the animals that are rescued can't be released back into the wild, like the 25-year-old bald eagle, on-site raptors, and a gray fox. If normal visiting hours aren't enough, consider signing up the kids or the whole family for an affordable four-week class on Animal Homes or Bugs ($36 - $45), a three-day mini-camp on Animal Habitats or Caretaking ($60 - $85), or a two-hour workshop on raptors or reptiles or owls ($14 - $45). Just as the volunteers frequently show new animals to the kids, new class and workshop options get added every few months.

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