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1041 Lincoln Ave
San Jose, CA 95125

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(408) 564-7773
Class times and days of week vary, check the calendar for current offerings
$15 (per child) Field Trips
$18 (starting at) “Lil’ Chefs” ages 3-5+
$25 (starting at) “Lil’ Chefs” (ages 6+)
$50 (starting at) Parent/Child and Adult/Teen Classes
$185 Essentials for Kids (6-week series)

Summer Camp Options:
$230 to $275 depending upon the class



If you have always wanted to introduce your children to experience the joy of cooking but didn’t know where to begin, then you might want to sign up for one of the classes at Cucina Bambini in San Jose. Step into their fully-equipped kitchen and let their experienced instructors walk you and your child through the intricacies of mixing up homemade pasta and sauce, pizza, sushi or a little something sweet. If your children like to help in the kitchen but you hate the mess, this might be what you are looking for.

They offer classes for children as young as 3 years old and also have a series designed for teens and adults. Instructors do a good job of keeping the children engaged and...

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1. Arrive early for your class or event because parking is limited and can take 15 minutes to park and walk to the location.

2. If you are not part of the class, bring something to do since you will not be allowed in the kitchen unless you are helping younger children.

3. During the class there can be some down time as children wait their turn for a task or for things to cook, so if your child is not good at waiting, bring something quiet for him or her to do while they wait.

4. While you get to eat what you create, be aware that this is not a meal, so you might want to feed your child before the class.

5. If your child...

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Phone: (408) 564-7773

Email from website:  

Time: 2 hours, Additional time may be purchased at a rate of $100/hour (times are available 7 days a week, subject to availability. 10% discount for parties Monday – Thursday)

Party Price:

$385 – Cupcake

$455 – The Icing on the Cupcake

$550 – The Cupcake with Sprinkles

Optional Party Themes: Princess, Pirate, Hawaiian Luau, Pajama Party

Parties are designed for ages 3+. However, a few parents may be asked to assist during parties for children under 5 years old.


The Cupcake – 10 guests, (plus $15 per additional guest up to 30):  Hands-on cooking class and time for gift opening, if desired, experienced staff to instruct and assist, chef hats for all guests to keep, individual cupcake decorating at...

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Safari West

3115 Porter Creek Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

If you thought that going to the Oakland Zoo was all of the wildlife fun that California has to offer, think again. Safari West is the closest thing to going on an African safari that a San Francisco family can do without actually flying to Tanzania to see thundering herds of wildebeests and riding an elephant to Kenya. You can visit for three hours on a Jeep-guided tour which can also double as a roller coaster ride – some of the trails are rocky and bumpy. The best prices for parents, grandparents, and children happen on weekdays between January and February. Your second option is to stay overnight in a tent and let the crickets sing you to sleep – or try to identify the nightly noises. There are fences around the luxury African tents, of course, for safety. It does tend to get chilly at night, so remember to fire up the space heater in plenty of time. Make everyone take a potty break before going to bed, because getting up in the middle of the night to sit on a cold toilet is no one's favorite thing. (The bathroom doors are open-air vented, and need to be closed at night so the heat stays in.) One of the great advantages of staying overnight, besides the kingly feast that gets spread out by the staff, is that you can take your own self-guided walking tour and eat the food while watching the giraffes and antelope play. Most of the animals are in large enclosures but not caged, which is another plus factor. The walking tours also allow you to see some of the animals (cheetah, fox, monkeys) more up close and personal in their small enclosures, so it's like visiting a small zoo with very bold birds. Watching the birds flutter and coo in the aviary gives a truly peaceful feel after the excitement of riding up top in the open-air Jeep, but some of them like to peck at shoes – make sure your shoes are sturdy. If you bring multiple children, they will want to take turns riding on the top, because the best views are there.

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Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

1300 Senter Rd.
San Jose, CA 95112

Happy Hollow is definitely the sort of place that kids love, and parents love that it's quite affordable. Many of the rides are quite young, and quite tame when compared to the thrills of Magic Mountain, but they are definitely suitable to the seven-year-olds and younger set. Parents may be underwhelmed by the Danny the Dragon ride featuring fairytale statues and a small dark tunnel, but small children seem fascinated and will probably insist on 'Danny again'. Since Danny is currently under a construction makeover, they may have to wait a while until he's ready to thrill them all over again. The carousel and Pacific Fruit Express roller coaster are also a quiet sort of fun, but the bumper cars and Frog Hopper may satisfy the boys' needs for a little adrenaline. The animals in the petting zoo can actually be petted, from the large cow to the ponies and donkeys, which is a step above some ultra-safety conscious facilities. You can brush them as well as feeding them, which is a definite plus, although the goats may have to be deterred from anything flapping that may look like food. No need to bring hand sanitizer, because there's a real hand-washing station with soap. If these activities aren't enough, try the puppet shows and the play areas. These are scattered across the grounds, so if at any time one of the kids has a desperate need to climb and slide and spin around, they can do so. If you pack along some yogurt bars and fruit cups, you can spread out at the picnic tables also scattered across the grounds, and then visit one of the many bathrooms. You may even be visited by face painters, if the season is right. In keeping with the rides, the zoo doesn't provide the larger impressive animals like elephants or giraffes, but the meerkats and birds are always good to see – especially if you make it during feeding time so the trainer can answer questions. Also, sometimes the jaguar lets himself be seen up close.

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Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

180 Woz Way
San Jose, CA 95110

Crawl space for babies – check. Fire engine and ambulance if the San Francisco Fire Department Museum is too far away to visit – check. Interactive displays to keep kids' attention – definitely. Have the kids been asking questions about electricity and wind power, or do you want them to start asking questions? Get them to the Power Girl exhibit so they can generate enough power to convert into playhouse electricity and toy engine movement. More energy gets created if they use teamwork with their siblings, especially on the treadle. Since it takes some effort to get the electricity going, this display is also good for pointing out how much work is involved when kids leave the lights on and water running in the sink. Perhaps your kids are too old for the crawl space and are more interested in earth history. No problem, there are the excavated bones and a replica of a small mammoth that was discovered near the Guadalupe River in San Jose itself. If they're more interested in the gardening element of earth history, take them out to the garden, complete with a beehive. If you come in the first hour, the kids can learn while they help with the morning chores, or they can water the garden on the last open hour before they leave. However, if the touchscreens and videos are delivering too much information, the bubble room will let them stretch out bubbles larger, or investigate the colors, more than they can do with a small bubble blower at home. They can read about surface tension and iridescent colors if they want, move on to the music room to inspire their inner artist, or even create cornhusk dolls by hand. Also, the WaterWays area can inspire anyone to play and explore the properties of H2O as the colored plastic balls move down tunnels, wobble around the water wheel, and get pumped high in the air. The Wonder Cabinet is a good in-between spot for the toddler to five-year-old age range. The puppets go well with the books, the Sand Laboratory is good for kids discovering what their hands can make, and the kaleidescope can add some depth to color exploration from the bubble room. If they've had to scrub off their own artwork from the walls recently, they'll be delighted with the ongoing work of the Paint Wall, where they can splash on color with available pots and brushes. For Bob the Builder types, go out with them to the foam playground and see what they can create.

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