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City Clues Adventures

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1111 Gough St
San Francisco, CA 94164

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(877) 831-2352
9:30 am – 11:30 am
(Summer, Weekends and School Holidays)
$25 for children (age 12 and under)
$35 for adults


DESCRIPTION FOR City Clues Adventures

If you need a reason to go wandering through San Francisco's historic districts on a treasure hunt, City Clues Adventures would be it. Maybe you'll want to bring the kids on a Family Adventure, maybe not. Some groups have decided to explore the city as bachelorettes, which may mean pub crawls and coctails. Others have used City Clues Adventures as a means of company team-building, without having to do a lot of prep work. The customizable group tours can add in other locations, like Union Square and the Financial District, which also has some amazing places to eat. Schools often book tours as a field trip, since skits and poetry can be worked in along with the treasure hunt problem-solving skills. It really just depends on what you...

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TIPS FOR VISITING City Clues Adventures

1. What to bring: Wear comfortable shoes and bring a jacket, as this walking tour can be hard on the feet and variable weather can be challenging. Don't forget a water bottle per person, as there might not be time for shopping.

2. Disposable or digital cameras are a must, as you won't want to ignore all the photo opportunities.

3. Strollers are probably a good idea for kids 5 and under, since there's a lot of walking.

4. Snacks are available along the way, but you might want to throw in a sandwich or two just in case the kids are racing around trying to finish the challenge.

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Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory

56 Ross Alley
San Francisco, CA 94108

Maybe in a marketing move to prove its genuine historic flavor, the Fortune Cookie Museum (inside the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company) does not have its own website. This probably saves the company enough time and money to keep on doing what they've been doing since 1962 – letting people watch them make great fortune cookies by hand. San Francisco itself was named the Fortune Cookie Capital of the World in 1983, in a mock trial between representatives of Los Angeles and San Francisco at the Court of Historical Review. It's one thing to go to a museum and see artifacts, and it's quite another to see skilled artists throw down cookie dough and shape it expertly without machines. The round flat cookie is pulled off of a hot press, a fortune is placed on one side, and then the cookie gets folded around a steel rod to make the unique shape. All of this is done within seconds, and watching the process is something between Boudin's Bakery and the Exploratorium – although a tour of the tiny facility doesn't take more than ten minutes. On good days, the barber next door might play some tunes. Sadly, the location on Ross Alley is nowhere near as easily accessed as anything around Fisherman's Wharf, but reviews often state that the locals are helpful in pointing out the sign. Think Diagon Alley a la Harry Potter, and finding the Golden Gate sign down Ross Alley should be a cinch. You will have to walk there, and there's hardly room for two people, so newborns and strollers might be a difficult squeeze. However, you can buy bags of fresh fortune cookies between $1 and $3.50 per bag, after sampling some of the cookies made in front of your eyes. Messages can be customized, and the cookies retain their flavor days after they have been bought. The chocolate varieties can be really good. Getting a photo done with one of the workers should be easy unless the shop is crowded, and don't forget to pre-pay the stated price of .50 per photo.

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Mount Hermon Adventures

17 Conference Dr, Felton, CA 95018

Mount Hermon Adventures offers three different tours to suit the liking of every family looking for a great day of fun! The Redwood Canopy Tours is a zipline eco-adventure through the redwood forest canopy. It is a two hour guided eco-adventure includes six zip lines and two sky bridges at heights of up to 150 feet. Each tour of up to 8 people is led by 2 certified guides who share ecological knowledge and bring the forest to life. As the first zip line tour in the redwoods, the Redwood Canopy Tour has inspired and delighted over 100,000 guests since 2008. Come see the redwoods from the unique perspective only a zip line tour can offer! Sequoia Aerial Adventure is an aerial adventure course set high above the forest floor.Have an exhilarating adventure while exploring the redwood forest! Select your level of challenge on three aerial trails and over 30 elements, including swinging logs, cargo nets, and cables set 30 to 80 feet in the air! Multiple self-guided options combine solo and partner balance elements, focusing on challenge, fun, and group interaction. Mount Hermon's highly trained staff offer instruction and monitor your progress through the course. Each two hour session gives you access to the entire aerial adventure course of 30 elements plus two zip lines and the quick jump. Discovery Grove is a scaled down challenge course designed for young adventurers. This lower, scaled down challenge course is designed with the young adventurer in mind. Perfect for birthday parties, school field trips, and family activities. The course features seven different activities, at heights of 25 feet above the forest floor, with a short zip line descent back to the ground. Mount Hermon's highly trained staff offer instruction and monitor your progress through the course. The Discovery Grove package is a two hour experience for up to 20 guests and also includes the use of our outdoor picnic area. Aside from the tours, there's a lot of other things to do at Mount Hermon. Eating, drinking, nature and play options abound! Check out their great list of options available at their adventure center for when you're done with your tour.

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Bay Area Discovery Museum

557 McReynolds Rd
Sausalito, CA 94965

This Museum is more of a hands-on center for imagination and creative development, with a lot of Bay Area props, than a more classic outlay like the Asian Art Museum. It's like a huge playground for kids, but it would be hard to find a free playground with this mixture of inside amenities (puppets, full train station) and creative outside features (gravel pit with tow trucks, Golden Gate Bridge replica, toddler water zone with plastic fish). Children are offered objects outside to play with, from the natural elements of sand and water to larger versions of toys that already fascinates them (foam versions of Tinkertoys). The idea is that parents can ask their kids open-ended questions to get the kids involved in play, so that the kids are dreaming and creating things from their imagination rather than coming to a place to be entertained with digested information and ideas from multimedia. Inside at the Art Table, the kids are offered the ability to get more messy with paint and sand than at home – bring extra clothes or a smock. The simulated Bay Hall and Wave Workshop has representations of what they'd see at Fisherman's Wharf and in Oakland, along with trains and tunnels, so that they can start thinking about what they're seeing and how the ocean works. If kids get inspired and want to go outside again, no problem – take them to Lookout Cove where they can get on the Bonnie boat and pretend to be pirates on the sea. The shipwreck hull, the trail, and the sea cave can spark all sorts of survival questions, especially if you start reading Robinson Crusoe to them at night. Other reviewers have commented just as often on the stunning views of the actual Golden Gate Bridge, the number of activities and classes available, and the garden. Since the Discovery Museum is both indoors and outdoors, toddlers may love the streams of water, or they may want to go in and out of the reed maze, giant tree trunk, and climb all over the giant spider web. Themes and activities are geared toward the younger set, so you might not want to push the age limit of 8 years old.

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The Walt Disney Family Museum

104 Montgomery St.
San Francisco, CA 94104

This is definitely an eye-opening experience for children who love and constantly quote the Disney films. Many people enjoy all of the exhibits and 'behind the scenes' stories about Walt as a creator and as a business manager, from all of the creations that didn't get made into films (or ideas that were stolen), to the women involved in Disney creativity, to Walt's unionization battles with his workers. There are early sketches and displays of technological dinosaurs (Walt's camera equipment), which should fascinate kids who want to take up photography and don't know what creative life would be like without an iPad and a digital camera. This could be classed as a history lesson on the Disney empire, and requires a lot of reading ability. If the younger children get restless after seeing the short films and large Disneyland model, be sure to have a backup plan, like a picnic basket and blankets for the grassy field overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. If you forgot the picnic basket, or couldn't manage it and the kids on public transport, there is a good on-site cafe. You can even go inside the shop and the cafe without having to pay the entrance fee, so it might be a good rendevous point just for a lunch outing, but there is a wonderful view of the Bridge from inside the museum. The theatre is used for special events like the Film of the Month, which shows every day but Tuesday, and special exhibitions. The calendar gets filled with all sorts of filmmaking events, from screenwriters' workshops, to mosaic-making, to personal talks on what it was like to work with Walt. Many visitors have found that the greatest part of the museum centers around the months-long exhibits, which show the art and color of animation geniuses within and without the Disney corporation. You could see Heinrich Klay's Fantasia work, or Mary Blair's influence on Alice in Wonderland. Try Groupon or other sites for occasional one-time discounts.

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Asian Art Museum

200 Larkin St.
San Francisco, CA 94102

Unlike some museums, Asian Art incorporates both visual and interactive experiences. Not only will the kids be fascinated by the intricate Buddha statues, they can also take photographs without anyone pointing to printed-out rules of policy. Even the cafe is an interactive experience, and has more choices than just egg rolls and chicken salad. There's miso soup, there's Tokyo Ramen with tree ear mushrooms, there's Korean spicy beef....and Sake Sliders. Two of the only items you could get anywhere else would be the hot dog and french fries option, but it pays to have something that everyone recognizes. Of course, there are teas, and the kids may want to try them just for the names: Three Flower Celebration, Dragon Eyes, Plum Blossom. If you forget your water bottles, there are free cups and water abounding. Really, the cafe choices could describe the rest of the museum experiences, which range from pottery and painted postures to pork belly food samples. There are some standard calligraphy and painting exhibits, scrolls and sculptures, and Ming vases. However, since Asian territory covers many countries, you can view the similarities and differences between displays on Korea, China, Japan, and India – to name a few. Also, the yoga and Mandala cosmic center exhibits also have interactive classes for a reasonable fee. You and the kids can go through the gallery at a leisurely pace, learn postures and stretching, hear storytelling, and make some take-home modern art. Between the three floors, it would be almost impossible to be bored in this place of cultural learning. Most people recommend starting at the top third floor, with many of the standard exhibits, and then going down to the interactive first floor. This is especially important when taking a family tour, because the kids will probably be even more keen on doing their own art after seeing so many great examples.

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Children's Creativity Museum

221 4th St., San Francisco, CA 94560

The Children's Creativity Museum is like a multimedia studio left open for the directors' kids to explore. From the Animation studio with clay critters, to the Music studio with a green screen, children and young adults can put their energy and talents to good use here. What you'll really have to worry about is that the children will get spoiled for any other museum. Since they're not only allowed, but encouraged, to touch all of the art....well, use your imagination. In fact, the Imagination Lab, the Movie Studio and the Do It Yourself studio are all very popular. The Mystery Box challenge changes frequently, and requires the kids to think their way around design problems. For a minor fee, you can even take a DVD home with you instead of worrying about capturing a video via iPhone, since the kids' activities, songs, and storytelling can be recorded. Also, the children are no longer restricted to an older age group (6-12). Since the facility got renovated, the younger children (3-5) can play on the train table and busy themselves with crafts, from painting to playing dress-up. (Warning - bring ear plugs for the music room because the drums are popular.) A few parents have said that the toddler toys are rather generic and a little grubby. However, the Early Birdies program is popular, especially with the members who get to go free. (It's $15 for non-members.) If the kids have any energy left, there's a great and free playground outside the museum with grass, a labyrinth, and a sandpit.

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