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Safari West

3115 Porter Creek Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

If you thought that going to the Oakland Zoo was all of the wildlife fun that California has to offer, think again. Safari West is the closest thing to going on an African safari that a San Francisco family can do without actually flying to Tanzania to see thundering herds of wildebeests and riding an elephant to Kenya. You can visit for three hours on a Jeep-guided tour which can also double as a roller coaster ride – some of the trails are rocky and bumpy. The best prices for parents, grandparents, and children happen on weekdays between January and February. Your second option is to stay overnight in a tent and let the crickets sing you to sleep – or try to identify the nightly noises. There are fences around the luxury African tents, of course, for safety. It does tend to get chilly at night, so remember to fire up the space heater in plenty of time. Make everyone take a potty break before going to bed, because getting up in the middle of the night to sit on a cold toilet is no one's favorite thing. (The bathroom doors are open-air vented, and need to be closed at night so the heat stays in.) One of the great advantages of staying overnight, besides the kingly feast that gets spread out by the staff, is that you can take your own self-guided walking tour and eat the food while watching the giraffes and antelope play. Most of the animals are in large enclosures but not caged, which is another plus factor. The walking tours also allow you to see some of the animals (cheetah, fox, monkeys) more up close and personal in their small enclosures, so it's like visiting a small zoo with very bold birds. Watching the birds flutter and coo in the aviary gives a truly peaceful feel after the excitement of riding up top in the open-air Jeep, but some of them like to peck at shoes – make sure your shoes are sturdy. If you bring multiple children, they will want to take turns riding on the top, because the best views are there.

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Mount Hermon Adventures

17 Conference Dr, Felton, CA 95018

Mount Hermon Adventures offers three different tours to suit the liking of every family looking for a great day of fun! The Redwood Canopy Tours is a zipline eco-adventure through the redwood forest canopy. It is a two hour guided eco-adventure includes six zip lines and two sky bridges at heights of up to 150 feet. Each tour of up to 8 people is led by 2 certified guides who share ecological knowledge and bring the forest to life. As the first zip line tour in the redwoods, the Redwood Canopy Tour has inspired and delighted over 100,000 guests since 2008. Come see the redwoods from the unique perspective only a zip line tour can offer! Sequoia Aerial Adventure is an aerial adventure course set high above the forest floor.Have an exhilarating adventure while exploring the redwood forest! Select your level of challenge on three aerial trails and over 30 elements, including swinging logs, cargo nets, and cables set 30 to 80 feet in the air! Multiple self-guided options combine solo and partner balance elements, focusing on challenge, fun, and group interaction. Mount Hermon's highly trained staff offer instruction and monitor your progress through the course. Each two hour session gives you access to the entire aerial adventure course of 30 elements plus two zip lines and the quick jump. Discovery Grove is a scaled down challenge course designed for young adventurers. This lower, scaled down challenge course is designed with the young adventurer in mind. Perfect for birthday parties, school field trips, and family activities. The course features seven different activities, at heights of 25 feet above the forest floor, with a short zip line descent back to the ground. Mount Hermon's highly trained staff offer instruction and monitor your progress through the course. The Discovery Grove package is a two hour experience for up to 20 guests and also includes the use of our outdoor picnic area. Aside from the tours, there's a lot of other things to do at Mount Hermon. Eating, drinking, nature and play options abound! Check out their great list of options available at their adventure center for when you're done with your tour.

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