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Water Parks

Gilroy Gardens

3050 Hecker Pass Hwy.
Gilroy, CA 95020

When the Gilroy Garden Park reopens on March 30th, the child world and plant world will again collide for good. The Garden Park is a good mix of education and fun, and can help kids think through conservation issues – especially if they're looking at the living Circus Trees that look like sculptures. During the summer, you can even go down a water slide through one of the trees, and pretend you're on a Jungle Book adventure with Mowgli. The rock maze is also a cool retreat from the sun, and there are shady trees all around the complex. Bring your bathing suit for walking behind the waterfalls, and tipping buckets onto the kids' heads at the Splash Garden. This is one of the best features of the park, not just because of the huge treehouse and twisty slide, but also because the kids can either shoot water at each other with super soakers, or use a water pump as a see-saw. The spinning water wheel may be as close as a city kid can get to seeing wheels and water other than in a movie. However, if you and the kids prefer to observe the beauty of water rather than interact with it, watching ducks while imitating them on paddle boats can be a lot of fun. The second great feature is not the rides, which are definitely mild to moderate on the thrill scale. The teacups, flying mushrooms, and little fire engines will probably thrill the toddler to four-year-old crowd. It's the gardens that are truly amazing. One of the really worthwhile rides is when you get to meander down a backroads area on a motorized antique car, going past a barn and a small pond with a tiny dock. You can see the Rainbow Gardens on a boat ride that goes around a small lazy river, and chase butterflies through the Monarch Garden greenhouse. Claudia's Carousel is especially good for toddlers, because then you get to slowly look at the amazing trees in all their twisty shapes – this could be a horticulture session for the older kids.

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Silliman Center

6800 Mowry Ave.
Newark, CA 94560

Somewhat like the Jewish Community Center in San Francisco, the Silliman Activity and Family Aquatic Center is a combination of fitness and community activities. However, that's where the comparisons stop - it would be hard to make the case that air hockey tables and foosball are educational in nature. It would be even harder to pretend that the Wii's are used for anything other than Guitar Hero and Rockband, which are the current favorites with the teen crowd. The computer lab is certainly more used for Facebook and YouTube than for researching World War II history, but parents can always hope that time can change these tastes. That's also the hope of the Teen Coordinators, who are on hand to help out with homework and supervise the gaming equipment. The Aquatic Center is really the place to be. It's not just a pool with a deep end and some foam noodles thrown in for fun. The hot tub is behind the basketball hoop, and between the cool pool and hot tub are two very important elements: the lazy river and water slides. If parents are worried about their kids' safety playing with the bigger teens, they shouldn't have to be. The kids have their own small pool, small slides, and climbing ropes. If the chlorine fumes become overwhelming, you can always watch the kids through a large window while sitting on a comfortable bench. The Silliman Center is a small, indoor version of a water park, complete with a small snack bar serving nachos, hot dogs, and drinks – along with salad and fruit options. If you get inspired and want to take private swim lessons, these generally happen in the mornings for members. Don't get too inspired and bring your beach accessories (kickboards, water guns, beach balls) because it can interfere with the lifeguards seeing unsafe situations. It's an especially good place to go when the weather is grey and cold, because here there's water but it's warm, and indoors. Just remember to bring a little shampoo and maybe an extra bar of soap to help wash off the chlorine before you go, if you come on a weekend – it can get busy and crowded.

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