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 As a parent with young kids, I’ve learned that they need activities to keep them happy, interested and learning, so that they don’t keep asking if they can watch TV or play with my cellphone 100 times a day! it seemed like I was always searching for places to go, but the official websites for places that sounded good didn't always have basic information like addresses, prices, hours, etc. without having to click multiple links. After contemplating the idea for months, I started building this website because there is a real need for an informative website that lists all the great places for kids and is easy for parents to find basic information of each place. In addition, there is no better parenting advice than the ones that come from another parent, so I want it to also be a community where parents can share their reviews, experiences, and tips. 
What's listed on this website doesn't even count the festivals, county fairs, library exhibits – you could go somewhere every weekend if you wanted to.  I tell people that you don't have to just go to parks all the time. There are so many great places for kids that adults can enjoy too. If I had to pick an absolute favorite, where you can enjoy being a kid along with your kids, I'd vote for the Academy of Sciences where I never cease to be amazed by the impressive collection of fishes. My husband would probably vote for Gilroy Gardens, along with my five-year-old, because they can go on roller coasters 20 times in a day.  I love how we can find a place for kids, experience the excitement through their eyes, and actually have fun ourselves. Instead of watching endless reruns of Frozen, we get to create great memories together!
Trip Into Fun lists all the cool places for kids starting in the Bay Area because that is where I live but it is  not going to stop here, especially as my kids get older. There are other places and cultures in the world that need to be explored! I want parents in cities around the world to be able to know the places to go, with tips and reviews from other parents who know what kids like to do. This could mean San Diego Zoo Safari Park if you don't like Seaworld, Children’s Museum of Arts in New York if you are visitng East Coast, Sentosa in Singapore if you are on a business trip with your kids – or anything in between. I would love to have all our members and site visitors to help making Trip Into Fun the most useful and complete list of wonderful places for kids around the world! 

Thank you for visiting us. I hope our site helps you discover new places to take your kid(s) and you get to trip into fun with your kid(s) in these places!

Sue Wang
Mother of Three & Founder